oldest carpet

The Oldest Carpet In The World

The oldest carpet in the world is called the Pazyryk carpet, which was discovered in the icy Grave of one of the Scythian rulers 1645 meters above sea level by a Russian archaeologist in 1947 and was named Pazyryk because of its location. There were other ancient objects next to this carpet. This rug is made of wool and has a square shape, and each side is 1.98 meters long.
The Pazyryk rug is decorated with a floral border and depicts riders, grazing deer, and mythical animals with eagle heads and lion bodies. After examining the structure of the carpet and its drawings by the discoverer of this carpet “Sergei Rudenko,” he noticed the very similarity of the motifs of this carpet with the reliefs of Persepolis. Although most scholars consider this rug to belong to the Parthian or Median period, there are still different theories about the genuine antiquity of this rug. Pazyryk rugs are now housed in the St. Petersburg Armitage Museum.

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