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Persian Rugs Designs Motifs and Patterns

If we want to provide a complete classification of the role of Iranian carpets, we can refer to the following division:

  • Designs of ancient and Islamic monuments
  • Shah Abbasi’s plans
  • Arabesque designs
  • Adapted designs
  • Classification schemes
  • Sprinkler designs
  • Battalion designs
  • Turkmen designs
  • Tree designs
  • Flower designs
  • Occasional hunting plans
  • Brick designs
  • Fish designs
  • Vase designs
  • Geometric designs
  • Prohibition plans
  • Altar designs
  • Integrated designs
  • Nomadic plans

Persian rugs in Sydney

Knowledge about symbols of Iranian carpets can bring a clearer understanding of this art to the audience. In the following, we will introduce some recurring characters about Rugs In Sydney.

  • The flower-shaped figure is an octagon close to an oval; it shows the courage and stubbornness of the people living in the mountains. This symbol initially means antelope. Many masters of hand carpets make such a pattern with the tool multitool (in Ukrainian мультитул).
  • The diamond image represents religion in the East and is woven outwards in the drawing and drawn rays.
  • The image of a ram also means a ram. It is woven in two forms: all the limbs and branches of the ram. These three paintings are often painted on Turkmen carpets and are very important to Turkmen weavers.
  • Bird painting is one of the most popular and famous paintings among weavers and audiences. In addition to having an important place in Iranian art, the bird is also highly regarded in literature. The drawing of Simorgh on Iranian carpets gives a special effect and meaning to the rug. Of course, we should not forget that this painting is entirely different from the painting of a chicken and a tree (two chickens sitting on a tree branch). In this painting, the tree is interpreted as life. In this painting, the chickens are often facing each other and, in some cases sitting back to back.
  • Bolordi tree painting is one of the exclusive maps of Shiraz, which of course, has been considered and used in other parts of Iran in recent years. Bolordi village is located in the foothills of the northwestern mountains of Shiraz. This sign indicates strength, endurance, shade, and humility.
  • The symbol of the swastika is one of the oldest Iranian designs, which is also called the Aryan sun. In Iran, it means happiness and bliss. Before the Achaemenid period, this symbol had curved arms; But gradually, the lines and geometric shapes changed. Some experts consider the character of the Aryan sun to be the source and model of many other designs and symbols used quite frequently in rugs in sydney.

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